My visit to Bielefeld University

Jim Dances with other Indigenous Peoples in Europe 2012
Because Jim is a traditional Golden Age Men`s traditional dancer, he waited for 14 years to dance with his own people, in Europe: Navaho, Apache, Cherokee and Aztec Dancers from Mexico…it was worth the wait! All we tried to do was show the spirituality of our dances to the Germans/Europeans, how much it meant to each dancer. To show our culture, who we are as human beings. And also tell some of our stories, good and bad, like residential schools run by the churches, taking of our children by welfare/foster care and also our pride and how we are making positive changes back in North America on many levels.

Dream Catcher Workshop…at Linden Museum, Stuttgart,Germany 2012

Jim at the Lahti Book Fair, Lahti , Finland 2011 with his book The Drum Calls Softly

Jim working with the Philmonica of Konsantz, Germany…performed three concerts, in three cities in south Germany. The theme was “Cowboys and Indians”

Intercultural Teacher Jim Poitras at US Army Patch Base, Stuttgart, Germany, 2011 for Native American Awareness Month

Teaching the next generation at Jim’s favorite kindergarten in Mannhiem, Germany

Teaching the next generation in Finland

Teaching at a day-care near Augsburg, Germany

Working with Handicapped People in Switzerland – Music Touches All

Playing Music (Stuttgart in the background), Painting and Publicity Shots

Healing Journey to Switzerland

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