The Awakening Within – One Man’s Inner Journey

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I enjoyed the process,filming both in Canada and Germany,interviews of people I worked with,art school,museum,people who bought my work,elders,places I lived and more.I told them this was not the Jim show,there was a bigger picture and Daryl got it…My documentary is my personal journey,how the residential school,fostercare( 60`s Scoop),how it effected not only me but my whole family.Yes,it is my story but also the story of hundreds of thousands of native children and thier families.It is about the personal inner healing journey and shows about over comeing all life siduations and living ones dreams,to become reality.To leave the past in the past and to live full life and enjoy all the rewards,threw hard work,commitment and passion…As a native artist,culture,traditional dance and spiritual ways…I am very proud of my documentray and the message for all children and adults alike…courage,to follow your dreams…

This documentary tells the heartwarming story of inspirational First Nations artist, Jim Poitras, whose own troubled childhood compelled him to devote his art and his life to the healing and encouragement of children in both Canada and Europe…
Jim Poitras has made it his mission to touch the lives of children of all cultures and backgrounds, and inspire them to achieve their own dreams, despite obstacles.

“The Awakening Within-One Man`s Inner Journey” was first played on APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network), Bravo and SCN (Saskatchewan Communications Network), and is still being played. It is now part of the education system in Canada.
Jim was in Cannes, France, where his documentary was being promoted at MIT, a pre-part of the Cannes Film Festival event. Numerous film producers and directors from around the world, attended to present their documentaries, it was very special moment for him.


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